Balfours Square desires to create an innovative experience within the urban residences, excelling in comfort and premium quality of its amenities along with practical concepts of design.

Balfours Square understands the need of good interior design as it closely reflects the lives of the people and their precise identities. Intelligent floor plans offer a modern blueprint for stylish, relaxing and a high quality living. Every apartment has natural light in abundance, making them well-lit and bright. Clever designs paired with smart storage solutions makes the rooms more spacious and contemporary.

Exclusive kitchen features include durable and designer benchtops along with naturally efficient and strong cupboards. Premium quality and carefully selected kitchen appliances collaborates the practical urban life with modern designs.



Balfours Square rises skywards out of its humble brick and mortar store at the old Balfours site - established in 1852.

Balfours Square acquires its name after the iconic bakery manufacturer Balfours, who had an established bakery in South Australia during the mid-20th century, with its operation until the early 21st century. The bakery holds an incomparable position in South Australian history, due to its roasted coffee shop. Balfours’ first store was inaugurated in 1852 which is also the 17th year after the foundation of the city of Adelaide. Led by a Scottish baker, the small fragrant bakery shop on Rundle Street has grown into a large scale bakery, marking a legendary life along with witnessing the development of Adelaide.

This family owned business is now nearly a century old with 168 years of heritage and experience in launching hundreds of products under its umbrella which have successfully spread across Sydney and Adelaide.



The promise of even better things to come.

Balfours Square is the second stage of the project's state-of-the-art towers to be built on the old Balfour’s site. The development provides a new and exciting lifestyle precinct never before experienced in South Australia’s capital. Substantial increases in local population are predicted over the next decade, with new infrastructure and public amenities planned to coincide. Together, this will undoubtedly add to the desirability of the development and location, and make it one of Adelaide’s most sought after residential destinations.


Vibrant Adelaide

Feel the pulse of the city, enjoy the vibrancy of city living.

Set between pristine beaches and stunning hills, Adelaide is one of the most relaxing, affordable and safest liveable cities across the globe.

Adelaide is bursting with infinite bombshells in terms of vibrant food and wine scene. The cultural mix across the city offers an exciting selection of world-class restaurants, café and bars; offering distinctive and unforgettable flavours which are sourced locally within South Australia’s abundance of produce.

Retail therapy is also well catered for with a wide range of designer boutiques and brands, providing a delightful shopping experience.


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